There are some amazing towns and cities to visit across the Netherlands.

Goodness knows I have visited most of them on my travels.

But this place deserves a special mention.

Willemstad, in the province of Noord-Brabant, completely took my breath away.

It’s a so-called “Vestingstad” which translates as a fortified town and means that the town was built in the shape of a multiple-pointed star and is surrounded by multiple moats and strips of water to keep out attackers.

Alongside the historical harbour, windmill and countless old Dutch houses that pepper this majestic little town, there is also some fantastic restaurants (Anno 1610 was our favourite place to eat and drink) and gorgeous places to stay.

Willemstad could really be called THE MOST PICTURESQUE PORT IN THE NETHERLANDS for sure…and that’s why we chose to film an episode of The Dutch Way Of Life there. Watch this SNEAK PREVIEW to see what I mean…

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