Would You Like to Experience the Netherlands LIVE and Up-Close Every Month? 

Then grab your suitcase and  join the Netherlands' #1 Livestream Virtual Travel Club for people everywhere who love The Dutch Way Of Life.

Do Any of These Sound Familiar To You?

You were born in the Netherlands, emigrated abroad when you were young, but for whatever reason, you aren't easily able to travel and visit to the country you love
You lived in the Netherlands once before, fell in love with the place and the culture, and would LOVE to relocate back to the country...but you don't know where to begin...
You travel to the Netherlands regularly and know the country fairly well, but you're having difficulties finding, new and interesting places "off the beaten track"..
You've got Dutch family or heritage but live outside the Netherlands, and want to bring your roots and your ancestry alive...(you'd love to have access to folk and friends in Holland)...
You're fascinated by Dutch Culture, History and "Everything Dutch" but you're missing a community of like-minded people and a platform where you can learn and discover more about your passion
You understand some Dutch, but not enough to be able to research or read the content on the internet that cover the topics of Dutch History and Culture that you REALLY want to know about...

"If any of them DO sound familiar, then you'll know how difficult it can be to find good advice, quality content and a 'gezellig' support community..."

That's The Reason We Started This Club

We were tired of hearing how good people weren't able travel to the the places they loved and missed in the Netherlands.

Expensive flights to the Netherlands and travel restrictions mean you never get to see the country you love (or at least not as often as you would like)...
Lack of good quality, in-depth English-language information & content on Dutch History, Culture and places around the Netherlnds off the beaten track...
Confusing online forums that share half-baked advice on relocating to, living and working in Nederland
Travel and tourist recommendation websites that focus only on Amsterdam and the "hotspots" and ignore the rest of this breathtaking country...
Trying to reconnect to, and find out more about your Dutch heritage is so hard without any contacts in the Netherlands...

Thankfully, that's all behind you.

"Welkom" to The Explorers Club!

The Dutch Way Explorers Club is a unique online Virtual Travel Club for people who love the Netherlands and The Dutch Way of Life, but who can't travel here, for whatever reason.
We are 100% dedicated to exploring Dutch Culture, Travel, Ancestry, History and Traditions from our base here in the heart of the Netherlands...
You get access to loads of member benefits, including VIP tickets to Premium Virtual Tours and Events member-chosen Dutch Heritage Adventures, Dutch History Classes and more!
PLUS you get to meet and connect with like-minded people who are Dutch at Heart (like you), AND connect to folk in the Netherlands who can help you reconnect with the places and the culture you love and miss, wherever you are in the world.

Why Join Our Virtual Travel Club?

Get VIP Tickets to All "members-only" Livestream Virtual Tours from the Netherlands 

Join the Guided LIVE Tours LIVE from the Netherlands OR Watch On-Demand Tour Replays

Deepen your knowledge of Dutch History and join our monthly Hidden Dutch History Class

Socialise and meet like-minded people online every month who love the Netherlands.

Request a special location in the Netherlands for your very own Livestream Dutch Heritage Tour!

See amazing Dutch places, attractions, events, without the pricey flights or stress of travel.

What Do Current Club Members Say?

"As an Explorer, I discovered a whole world of like minded people who love the Netherlands as much as I do! More than just virtual tours, their unique interactive online activities create a true personalized  experience like no other. Every time  I participate in an online activity, or tour,  I am greeted as if I just walked through the front door of a friends house. I don't feel like I am a member of an online Club, I feel like I belong with friends."

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Colleen Z


" I married into a Dutch family and my in laws kept telling about the beauty of The Netherlands. That's why I was so thrilled to find Bob and Adele and The Explorers Club. They are the best guides of Hidden Holland!  The Club is a group of kind, caring people. We love to share information, ideas, chat and of course see beautiful Netherlands on our Virtual Tours. If you enjoy gezelligheid , join The Explorers Club. You will love it!"

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Donna W


"Connection, heritage, adventure, fun!  These are a few of the reasons I joined the explorers club.  I came across the Explorers Club and The Dutch Way of Life by pure luck and was hooked on the relaxed and yet very professionalism that is demonstrated!  The kindness and respect we show each other is so important.  Bob and Adele bring the world together. Join us!"

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Yvonne J


What Makes Our Club Different?


In our Club, our members have the reins. We are your eyes and ears in the Netherlands and its our aim to show you the places and tell the stories that you want to hear. You decide and direct the pathways we take!

Authentic Content

You can see highly-polished, tourist videos from Dutch tourist hotspots all over social media. We do it differently. Armed with our video camera, we create authentic, REAL experiences from places in most channels never go.

Personal Support

Whether you're planning to visit the Netherlands, relocate, or start a business here. Our little team is on hand to guide and help you. And we're always just a Private Message away for our Explorer Club Members 

We're in Nederland

We live in the Netherlands and spend much of our time connecting with local experts and travelling the 12 provinces to gather stories and capture 'Hidden Holland' on behalf of our community.

'Virtual' Travelling

Even though you might not be able to travel to the Netherlands, you can still experience the country and the landscape via our Virtual Travel Videos & Live Shows, which are chosen by you, our Club Members.

100% Commitment

We eat, sleep and breathe The Dutch Way of Life. The Explorers Club is 100% of our focus. We love helping our members explore their "Dutch Connection" and plan to be around for a long time.

Meet Your Guides - Bob & Adele

Hoi! - We're Bob Buckley & Adele Jackson, Creators of The Dutch Way Explorers Club - and we've spent the last 5 years helping thousands of people across the world, just like you, to reconnect to their Dutch Heritage and discover "off the beaten track" destinations in the Netherlands.

We have helped thousands of people further their passion for Dutch Culture, Lifestyle, History and Landscape, via the Videos, Livestreams and Articles published via our Facebook channel "The Dutch Way of Life"  started in 2015.

Amazingly, over the last 5 years we've attracted a global community of over 50,000 people who enjoy our Livestream Virtual Tours and Events.

After moving back to the country from the UK and starting our own travel media company here in August 2019, we're now based in an idyllic little village in the Dutch Province of North Brabant called Moerdijk and spend most of our time travelling to the four corners of the Netherlands  - at the request of our community members - to film and broadcast our Live Tours and personalised Dutch heritage Adventures via Facebook.

And we've made it our mission to explore and discover Hidden Holland beyond Amsterdam to the world and be your eyes and ears in the Netherlands!

Having relocated to the Netherlands twice in the last 10 years out of a deep love and passion for the country, the culture and the people, we also help our members and followers with advice and guidance on doing the same. 

Above all, it's our mission to use our combined 30 years of experience in languages, teaching, storytelling, community building,  video production and travelling through the Netherlands, in order to help you reconnect to the places and stories you love, from around the country.

If you're Dutch, or just 'Dutch at Heart', we look forward to having you in our community - stay safe and keep it gezellig - hope to see you on the inside.

All Club Members Get Access To:

Premium LIVE Virtual Tours & Events

When you join the Dutch Way Explorers Club, you'll get VIP tickets to Premium Livestream Virtual Tours and Events from the Netherlands. Every month, you'll be able to "virtually visit" amazing places and experience extra special attractions from the Netherlands, such as Keukenhof Flower Gardens, Madurodam and Floriade 2022, as well as going on exciting Livestream Virtual Experiences like our special Virtual Boat Trips around beautiful the Dutch cities of Leiden, Haarlem and Utrecht. We are your Virtual Travel Club for the Netherlands and you'll have a VIP ticket to all our Public and Premium Events!

Gezellig Social Community

Gezelligheid is at the heart of the Dutch Way Of Life. That typically Dutch feeling of cosiness, togetherness and friendly inclusion that is so hard to describe in English. Well, gezelligheid is at the heart of the Explorers Club too. That's why we offer our members a cosy Private 'Clubhouse' where you can ask questions, share your experiences and stay in daily contact with Bob & Adele in the Netherlands. The Clubhouse is also the place you'll be able to watch the member-only Livestreams, Videos and Podcasts and meet and chat with other Explorer Club Members from around the world!

Personalised Advice & Support

Whether you're planning to relocate to the Netherlands in the future and need some personal guidance. Or whether you'd like some 'insider-tips' on special locations, attractions and places to visit so you can organise an unforgettable holiday or trip to the Lowlands with exerts who can help you plan. You can use the online Advice Center inside the Club to get personal advice from Bob and Adele AND tap into the collective knowledge of other Explorer Club Members who have an amazing range of skills and experience!

Monthly Courses & Meetups - LIVE!

When you become a Club Member, you'll automatically receive a personal invitation every month to join our LIVE Online Members Meetup "The Explorers Circle." This is a chance for you and the rest of our members to connect, face-to-face, and get to know each other a little better! Each month, you'll be able to submit questions for Bob and Adele which will be answered during the call. We'll also discuss the locations you'd like us to visit for our LIVE Hidden Holland Roadtrip Shows AND you'll be able to make suggestions for future locations. The main thing is, you get a chance to enjoy a little "gezelligheid" and contribute to the direction of the Club.

Members-Only Online Portal

Whether you want to request a location in the Netherlands for a Virtual Dutch Heritage Adventure or Livestream Virtual Tour from the Netherlands, or whether you'd like to catch up on the latest Premium Event. You can access all your Explorer Club benefits, content, community, events and updates via our Members-Only Online Platform, which is specifically made for smartphones and tablets, and gives you a place to go to stay connected with your fellow Explorers and keep updated with new features and events that we release. Once you join the Explorers Club, you'll get instant access!

You'll find all this and more in the Explorers Club!

When you join The Dutch Way Explorers Club, you are fully protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't feel like you enjoy the experience or have received the value you want - you can cancel any time within the next 30 days. Just let us know by direct email and we'll send you a refund. While we may ask for some feedback - we will not question your decision. In summary, we're confident that you'll find the Dutch Way Explorers Club useful and entertaining for exploring Dutch Culture, History and Lifestyle. If you're not satisfied within first 30 days then we'll refund you without any problems.

Join The Club + Get Access Today

Quarterly Membership

€50  €40

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VIP Access: ALL Premium Virtual Tours for 3 Months
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Pay Your Subscription Every 3 Months  

Annual Membership

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Is The Explorers Club Right For You?

Who is it for?

People who enjoy exploring and discovering Dutch Culture, History, Lifestyle and Landscape, and want to delve deeper into their own specific interests and passion for the Netherlands, with a community of like-minded individuals from around the world.
Someone who enjoys being part of a community and who is motivated to contribute and get involved in the direction of our videos and the decisions that are made in the Club.  
People who  are happy to share their own experiences, stories and discoveries so others can learn too. Even better if you like encouraging others and celebrating their success and supporting them on their journey!
Someone who is open-minded, adventurous, curious eager to learn. If you class yourself as an Adventurer and enjoy meeting new people and discovering new things, AND combining it with your love for the Netherlands, then our Club could be a great place for you to find your tribe and explore The Dutch Way of Life.

Who is it NOT for?

People looking for highly-polished, blockbuster-style travel content from the hottest Dutch tourist spots. We create and publish simple, authentic, immersive videos and livestreams from the places and stories that are requested by our members from around the lesser-known places in what we call "Hidden Holland." 
Close-minded, 'ongezellig' individuals who are looking for a place to vent and moan about the Netherlands - we are a global community of positive, passionate people who want a safe place to explore experiences, questions and ideas without discrimination or disrespect from others.
People who want a bespoke "Done-For-You" Ancestry Research Service, Relocation Service or Travel Agency Service. We are not professional researchers, travel agents or relocation specialists - but we can offer you guidance and advice, based on our own extensive experiences and the expertise of our contacts here in the Netherlands.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does my Membership start?

Straight away! You will receive login details and further instructions via your email inbox, immediately following payment.

Will you be adding new content on a regular basis or is everything in the Explorers Club already?

New content is added on a regular basis so you'll always have new videos and podcasts to enjoy! 

We’ll be adding new Facebook Livestreams, as well as a monthly podcast and Virtual Video Tours.

 Can I upgrade to an annual membership at any time?

You certainly can! You can upgrade to annual membership anytime by sending us a message via The Explorers Helpdesk. We'll get you sorted asap.

I'm not great on computers - is the Explorers Club hard to navigate?

We have laid out the Explorers Club to be as easy as possible to find your way around. You can use your smartphone, your tablet or your PC/Laptop. Also - there is a Walkthrough Video in the Club Lobby to "show you how". And, if you get stuck - just send us a message!

 I have no money - Can I still join The Explorers Club?  

We have lots of great FREE content on our Facebook page, The Dutch Way Of Life. The Dutch Way Explorers Club membership is a paid experience.

What if I don't enjoy The Explorers Club?

We know you will really enjoy The Dutch Way Explorers Club. But if you're not satisfied, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. We want you to enjoy your experience and find it useful, entertaining and gezellig, but if you don't, you can cancel your membership at anytime.

What happens if I want to cancel my membership?

We'd love for you to stay with us and give your feedback to help direct the future of The Explorers Club - but that’s not always going to happen. If you wish to cancel then you can do so with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Can I access the content that was released in the Explorers Club during my membership, after I cancel?

No. Your membership will entitle you to access all content only for the duration of your membership. If you choose to cancel your membership you will no longer have access to content inside the Explorers Club.

Join The Explorers Club Today!

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"I came across the Explorers Club last winter when l found myself in a deep corona depression, not being able to travel any more at all due to the lockdown.  Joining the Club was one of my best decisions ever. The Explorers Club offers so much more: info in customs and history of the Netherlands, exchange with people who love the Netherlands as much as l do, the chance to make new friends and the option to plan upcoming trips and events together.  That's what l call gezelligheid!"

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Daniela W


"Tracing my Dutch ancestors back through the centuries has been a passion of mine for many years. Becoming an Explorer Club member has added colour to those black & white facts. As Bob and Adele strolls down the streets of a Dutch village or city I can picture my ancestors walking, working, and living in this beautiful country and feel closer to the Netherlands as a result!"

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"I'm Dutch, but I have a very busy but full life in Gouda, I lived abroad  for 10 years, (France and England and I'm married to a English man) so I do not know Holland very well. I also do not get a lot of time to travel these days, so as an Explorer Club Member I love to watch the live shows and it's nice to help other members with questions about the Dutch language and habits. I love what Bob and Adele do!"

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Anne J

The Netherlands

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