Finally, it’s springtime again in the Netherlands which means it’s Tulip Time too on the flatlands.

And although all the signs have been pointing towards the Keukenhof Gardens remaining closed in 2021, there has finally been good news for fans and friends of the iconic flower gardens, located in Lisse, Holland.

After lengthy discussion, the Dutch government finally gave the go-ahead to Keukenhof and permitted the gardens to open up and welcome 5,000 visitors a day over 3 days, this coming weekend (9th, 10th, 11th Aprial 2021)

This “limited opening” is part of a test program to gradually open the Netherlands again in April.

Further relaxation may then be implemented in May if the test opening is a success.

Anyone who wants to visit Keukenhof must be tested no later than 40 hours before their visit.

The good news is, this is free and is done at a number of established test locations in the country.

In addition, visitors can buy their tickets for Keukenhof online, with a fixed arrival time via the Keukenhof website. All regular corona regulations still apply to all visitors and staff of Keukenhof.

Director of Keukenhof Gardens, Mr. Bart Siemerink says he is pleased that ‘this first step can be taken’ and hopes to be able to receive more visitors through 10th May, when Keukenhof closes its gates again. “After all, Keukenhof is in full bloom and we would like to let everyone experience the splendor of flowers themselves,” says Siemerink.

Anyone who wants to visit Keukenhof has to go through five steps, including having a free corona test done. You can find more info about this on .

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