Look at this man carefully.

Most people don’t know his face.

Yet his deeds will be remembered forever.

He is one of the unsung Dutch heroes of WW2.

One of the 21 ‘Line-Crossers.’

You’ve probably never heard of them either.

But in fact, they were a group of brave resistance fighters from South Holland, who
formed at the end of the war, for one reason.

To transport people, food, medicine and information from occupied Holland to liberated Brabant, over the Biesbosch, by boat.

And this was no mean feat.

There were 2 routes from Werkendam in South Holland to Lage Zwaluwe in North Brabant, both as dangerous as each other.

Not only because of the chance of being caught by German troops, but also because of the currents and dangerous waters that lay in-between the 2 provinces.

Yet, by some miracle of courage, the Line Crossers made 374 crossings of the Biesbosch during the final years of the war.

And they saved the lives of many people, in both occupied and liberated Netherlands.

After the war, 2 monuments were created to commemorate the 21 Line Crossers.

This one stands in Lage Zwaluwe, and was a wonderful surprise for us to discover on our bike ride from Moerdijk to Drimmelen.

👉 Ever been there before?

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