Hoi en welkom!- We’re Bob Buckley & Adele Jackson, Creators of The Dutch Way of Life and The Dutch Way Explorers Club.

We’re a couple from the UK with a HUGE passion for the Netherlands, and we’ve spent the last 5 years helping thousands of people across the world, just like you, to reconnect to their Dutch Heritage, discover “off the beaten track” destinations in the Netherlands, and further their passion for Dutch Culture, Lifestyle, History and Landscape, via the Videos, Livestreams and Articles published via our Facebook channel “The Dutch Way of Life”.

Amazingly, over the last 5 years we’ve attracted a global community of over 40,000 people who enjoy our channel and the livestreamed Virtual Tours, 360 Content and Authentic Video Content we create and publish from around the Netherlands.

After moving back to the country from the UK and starting our own travel media company here in August 2019, we’re now based in an idyllic little village in the Dutch Province of North Brabant called Moerdijk (in the South of the Netherlands) but spend most of our time travelling to the four corners of the Netherlands  – at the request of our community members – to film and broadcast episodes of Facebook Live Virtual Travel Show “The Hidden Holland Roadtrip.”

And we’ve made it our mission to explore and discover Hidden Holland beyond Amsterdam to the world and be the eyes and ears in the Netherlands for the people around the world who are unable to travel here.

Having relocated to the Netherlands twice in the last 10 years out of a deep love and passion for the country, the culture and the people, we also help our members and followers with advice and guidance on doing the same. 

Above all, it’s our mission to use our combined 30 years of experience in languages, teaching, storytelling, community building,  video production and travelling through the Netherlands, in order to help you reconnect to the places and stories you love, from around the country.

Our mission and our channel has been featured numerous times in the Dutch Press and we also starred in the Dutch Reality TV Show, “Typisch Moerdijk” broadcast by RTL4 in January 2020.

So, wherever you are in the world, whether you’re Dutch by birth, Dutch by heritage or Dutch at Heart, you are always welcome in TDWOL.

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